Be ahead of the curve, and prepare for the new normal with a free Health and Safety ‘roadmap’!

At Dava Dawn Consultancy we specialise in Health, Safety & Environmental projects as well as project management.

Currently, we are urging local businesses to be a step ahead of the curve by preparing health and safety-focused ‘road maps’ to ensure staff are ready for the changes ahead due to COVID-19.

As eager as businesses may be to open their doors again, we all must be under no illusion that the whole process will be daunting and full of anxieties not only for you as a business owner but for your teams and customers.

We believe it’s vital that to be adequately prepared, health and safety protocols must get the ‘buy-in’ from the most important people – the teams working day to day in the business. Without the backing and understanding of the team, there is a risk of a disjointed workforce.

Through mentorship and coaching, Dava Dawn are able to work directly with you and your business to ensure the whole team understands exactly why steps are put in place, and why they will be mandatory to ensure the business succeeds.

Did you know, that in 2019, it was recorded that there were over half a million work-related stress and anxiety cases within the workplace – this is a staggering number and with life as we know it already having changed so much – it is vital that we all must prepare and take the time to engage with our staff going forward.

Making teams part of the recovery process will not only reduce staff anxiety but will allow them to understand the why and in turn will support the practices put in place which will ensure safety and well-being are at the forefront of the business.

As part of the recovery process, at Dava Dawn we are offering a Free Recovery Road Map Consultation to help businesses develop the building blocks to gain full engagement from their teams. For more information on booking your FREE Recovery Road Map Consultation please get in touch via the website contact form.

You can enquire about your free recovery road map, here.