The Power of Coaching

What is coaching? We have been asked this frequently in our 20-year history, so we thought we would explain a little more about what we see coaching as and how we know it can make a huge difference.

According to research, a team is 88% more likely to be more productive in a task if they are coached as well as trained. With this in mind, how much has your organisation spent on internal or external training courses? How often has this training not been unsuccessful, with issues regarding day to day implementation? This is where Dava Dawn can help.

Dava Dawn has worked with a whole host of businesses, helping integrate Health, Safety and Environmental change that is long term. Through backing up training with coaching, the approach allows teams to be the very best that they can be, allowing teams to go that one step further to ensure that maximum understanding is embraced when adjusting to change in an organisation.

My coaching career began in 2013 when I volunteered with Northamptonshire based organisation, CATCH 22.  CATCH 22 offers mentorship as part of a scheme to support young offenders, a rewarding experience that took me completely out of my comfort zone.  My role involved supporting individuals by listening and signposting a way forward and just being there for them!  This experience is one that I am proud to have under my belt, it also made me realise that it does not matter what industry I support, the coaching method works.

My experience and enthusiasm to support businesses when implementing procedures or new practices is a positive one, and by having this buy-in from the team there are many benefits; the biggest one that always comes out is that the people feel valued and I believe that with the right support, your team can give your business so much more.

At Dava Dawn, it is our duty to support your business with all Health, Safety and Environmental challenges. After all, you don’t teach someone to ride a bike through PowerPoint and send them on their way, you support them, encourage them – until they want to try again. Something so small can be very easily forgotten and this is why we are passionate about taking people on the journey. We give teams full understanding and support so that they can be the very best within your organisation.

If you are implementing a new policy or training your staff in any aspect of Health, Safety or Environmental management please get in touch, we would love to support your business and ensure the investment that you are making is long term and sustainable.