Contractor Management: How we can help

Are you struggling with the management of your contractors?

Are you, as a business, needing to fulfil questionnaires and information requests from your customers?

If so, Dava Dawn are here to help.

Throughout this blog we have broken these common issues down in to two handy chunks to explain how our team can help you solve these small but substantial business problems.

Contractor Management

With many businesses contracting out work such as planned maintenance, thorough testing etc, sometimes it is difficult to keep on top of the health and safety management. Use of contractors does not result in poor health and safety standards, but poor management can lead to injuries or ill health, therefore resulting in additional costings and delays.

Throughout your time in working with a contractor, they may be at particular risk from a range of issues and complexity of the work. Contractors have legal health and safety responsibilities and business owners need to make sure that everyone understands the part they need to play in ensuring health and safety requirements are met.  Our team at Dava Dawn has a wide range of experience in contractor management, and can work alongside your company to make sure that contractors that you engage with are compliant and adopt the same positive and proactive approach to safety as you do.

Questionnaires and Information Requests from Your Customers

As your business grows and develops new working partnerships and contracts, as a business you may be required to submit certain information and data as part of your customers contractor management process. This data gives your customer full insight into your safety management and performance, ultimately helping them develop a judgement on your working practices.

For any small or growing business this process is massively time consuming, developing a good system to capture the information and data is important. Dava Dawn has extensive experience to help develop this system whilst working close with you and your team.

If you would like any further information on the above topics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!